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Terms of Use

Terms of use


The last modification for the terms of use was in

3rd of July 2009



The project of 7everyweek is a project in which all it's users will get benefited from it , all the information you give it to us is given by your acceptance and approval .caring from 7everyweek administration on your information and privacy it follows a specific policy mentioned in the privacy policy you should review it .while the other information that you give it to us from time to another that it is not concerned with your personality or your address are used to help our customers in developing their commercial activities , and also helps us to provide more financial prizes for you .so by registering your personal information with us you approve and declare that you will provide us with the correct and the legal information that describe you and that will help us to identify you during the delivery of your prize in anytime ,also you approve and declare that any difference in these personal information might prevent your Eligibility  to claim any prize in anytime.

By registering, you totally approve to help the 7everyweek administration in its aims and increasing it's resources through giving us the correct information or what you think is the correct information and that serve our customers through answering the surveys that are sent to you from time to time .you approve and declare that the company , it's branches, and partners have all the right to develop 7everyweek , and the services of 7everyweek can be changed by increasing or decreasing or displacement from time to time without prior notification . You approve and declare that you are responsible for your username and password, and that you are totally responsible about any use from your account or any account that is under your custody.


The eligibility of entering the site

When using this site you declare and approve that you are 13 years old or older and agree to the terms of use. If you were younger than 13 years, then your personal information must be registered through another user this user must be one of your parents or your official custodian. you are not allowed to benefit from our services totally or accept the terms of use if you were under the legal age or  if you were prevented from using our services or using the internet generally by the applicable laws in your country or your residence country or the country where you use our services from, or you were within those who are not allowed to enter 7everyweek competitions. Despite that choosing the winners is a completely automatic and is not involved by any person, the administration has decided to prevent all of its employees their wives and their children from entering the competitions. In case of proving that at anytime that a prize has been delivered to any of those mentioned in the previous paragraph, 7everyweek administration will take all the legal actions available to return the value of the prize from that person     



Trusteeship can be used to register sons or relatives who are younger than the eligible age to enter the competitions of the site. The custodian should have the following criteria:

  1. The age of the custodian is not less than 21 years.
  2. The custody should be official custody by parenthood or judicial order.
  3. The native language of the custodian and the one who is registered for is the same language of the competition.
  4. the custodian and the one who is registered for the competition should have a fixed home address in the identity card provided that both addresses is within the range of the competition



Competitions are service provided by the company for only the registered members and by specific terms.


Conditions of participating in the competitions:

To be eligible to participate in this service you have to approve and declare the following:

  • Your approval to all what came in the privacy policy and any modification could be done on it.
  • Your approval to all what came in the terms of use of the site and any modification could be done on it.
  • You declare and admit that you have registered all your personal data in a correct and legal way and completely as mentioned in you identification card.
  • You approve and declare that in case of prejudice to the terms of use or any extra terms then you does not deserve any prize , you also agree that the administration have all the right to take any action about this issue without any abjection from you.
  • You approve and declare that in case of subtraction any amount of the prize because of any violation you agree to publish your name and picture alongside with the real amount of the prize and not the amount delivered to you .


Conditions of the validity of entering withdraw on prizes:

To enroll the name of the participant or user in any new draw, he/she must meet the following conditions:

  • The participant or user has a valid account to enter withdraw. ( any account which is not suspended or postponed for any reason 7everyweek administration might see)
  • the participant or user has valid opportunities to enter withdraw.(any opportunities which is not expired for any reason 7everyweek administration might see)
  • The participant or user has answered on all the questions of the competition of that withdraw and the other competitions that 7everyweek administration might decide.


Means of having opportunities to enter withdraw:

There are more than one way to have opportunities to enter withdraw on prizes, these ways are subjected to development at anytime, and currently you have: registering through new editions, when answering the question of competition, when inviting a friend to register, when answering the inquiries of surveys , and when opening mail messages . Also the administration has the right to develop new means or erase previous ones. You agree that there are some opportunities that you might have without entering competitions, these opportunities might not be activated unless after your actual entrance in solving the competitions of the magazine made for you. And the administration has the right to disable or erase these opportunities from your account and preventing it from entering withdraws if you were not a participant in the competitions of the magazine without any objection from you.


The prizes:

You approve and declare that all prizes which are served by the company are not fixed in their kind, value, quantity, or distribution; you approve and declare that this issue is a private concern decided by the company based on what it sees suitable for every competition.

You approve and declare that the ways of withdraw on prizes are a private concern of 7everyweek administration, and this administration will work on that withdraw on prizes is completely automatic without the interference of any side or person in choosing the winners. You also approve and declare that you do not have the right to objection or suing the company before or after the announcement of any result of withdraw. You approve and declare that the appearance of the winners name or picture in the winners list does not mean his/her eligibility to have this prize unless it was shown to 7everyweek administration that the commitment of that winner with all the competition conditions and it's terms of use, and matching his personal information that he has registered before he got the prize with those information that he will apply while getting his prize.

You approve and declare that in case of your winning or one of those who are under your custody winning with any prize, then the company has the right to publish the name, the personal picture of the winner, the country in which he/she won the prize and the value of the prize that he won in all its' propaganda bulletins and in all the means of advertising chosen by it and in the time that it sees suitable for such propaganda messages , and you do not have the right to object on that even in case of you stopped participating in the competitions.


You approve and declare that the company has the right to choose the way in which the prize is delivered. And that in case of sending the prize via mail by a registered letter on behalf of the winner name to the address registered at it, it will give up her responsibility and in case of returning these registered letters with the prize to the company then the company is not committed to resend the prize again to the winner.


Registering of the personal data to enter the competitions:

By using the site, then you agree to provide us with right, complete, legal, and recent data about yourself before starting to enter your first competition , you also agree to update these data which is changeable like email address and mobile or fixed phone numbers before participating in any new competition.

You also understood clearly that any missing or illegal personal information that you wrote in the registration form or any other form applied to you by us will be unacceptable and might deprive you form your eligibility in any prize, and as an example of unacceptable information that you write the following: abbreviated letters for your first name or any name in your full name.


Writing the personal number or the ID number incomplete and not fully or correctly. And the personal number is meant by it that number that is given to specific one in a specific country and does not change lifelong, meaning that the passport number might not be acceptable for us if this number is changeable when extracting a new passport. Writing State or province or city or Emirate or country which is not the one where your home address exists. Writing your mobile phone number missing a number or exceeding a number or writing a number which does not belong to you or which you do not have the right to write it.

And from the unacceptable examples not writing home address completely in the specific place.

Note: the specific place is meant by it that space available or allowed for the user/participant to write in it his home address, the home address must be written completely and according to what followed  in each country so that the prize will reach you by ordinary mail to home meaning that you have to mention all the places that you have chosen from the ready-made options. The correct choice is not a substitute for writing it again in the specific space.

You agree that 7everyweek administration has all the right to erase your personal file and what it contains from information including the opportunities that you got by any mean without a prior permission if it was found during the audit of the participants logs what makes you unbound by the terms of registration.


Participating by illegal ways:

Since 7everyweek project will give thousands of financial prizes with big values, we expect that some participants will use ways which are illegal or unacceptable to 7everyweek administration with the aim of getting new opportunities to enter 7everyweek competitions, so it is not allowed for any person to register in any site of 7everyweek sites or to have additional opportunities by illegal ways or by ways in it any kind of fraud and deceive with the aim of entering competitions and getting any prize. And from the illegal examples without specifying the following:

Registering only for getting free opportunities by any mean without continuing to enter the competitions. Registering to enter competitions which you do not know its language fairly, meaning that you get the answer by trial and error till you get the correct answer. That you make other people register and enter competitions for you in competitions in which its language is not your native language. Registering personal data which is not yours or incomplete. Inviting imaginary friends with the aim of increasing your opportunities. Continuing to enter competitions after the fall of your eligibility by changing your home place or for any other reason. Fraud by any means without specifying with the aim of getting new opportunities which you do not have the right to have. You approve and declare that if it was clear to 7everyweek administration or who is in behalf of it that you have violated this condition, or you could not show what is asked from you from documents like pictures of friends identification cards who participated through you or any other documents has to do with the data that you have registered voluntary to participate in the site or sites of 7everyweek, then the prize will not be delivered, and the administration have all the right to take all the decisions that preserve its' rights and the rights of the rest of the participants and you do not have the right to object on any decision made about this matter.


Users' behavior:

You agree not to use this site and its services by any illegal way or a way which might lead to damage or shut down or slowdown or sabotaging the site or part of it and that will be by doing the following:

  • Spoofing any personality which is not yours.
  • Gathering addresses and names or any of contact information of our customers/participants with the aim of sending unwanted messages or talking to them or meeting them without their acceptance.
  •   The use of a programmed script or an automatic script which aims for gathering information or interfering in the site services.
  • Annoying or threatening or fearing others.

In addition to what was mentioned in the users' behavior, you agree to commit by all what will be declared later from 7everyweek regardless what was mentioned here.


Stopping services:

As a part of the continuous development of the 7everyweek site, you approve and declare that a site or any service from 7everyweek services might stop by its will or by sabotaging actions or technical problems by a temporary or permanent way.

You approve and declare that in case of the company has stopped your entry to 7everyweek site services for any reason, and then the company might not allow you to enter your account or to see your files or balances of your opportunities. In case of breakdown or stopping one or more services of 7everyweek services and under any circumstances the company will not be responsible about any lose or damage -financial / moral- or any kind of damage that falls on the participant or consumer except within the amount of money- if there was any amount of money paid to us -that was paid by the participant or consumer. Also you approve and declare that in case of stopping competitions for any reason then you do not deserve any undelivered prize. You also approve and declare, that a technical problem might occur in any part of the site which might cause to the lose of your opportunities or information, in that case you do not have the right to ask any substitution and the company will not have the responsibility about any lose or damage financial or moral or any kind of damage which was not mentioned here and could fall on the participant with us.


Ending your participation:

The company could end your participation in 7everyweek site or erase your personal data or any information or any content in the site that you have sent to it and for any reason or without a one and in any time according to its estimation with or without prior attention or alert.


Judging system:

By visiting this site, you agree that the law of kingdom of Bahrain exclusively will organize these terms - terms of use - and any kind of conflict arise between you and the company or any branch of its branches all over the world you will agree not to file any lawsuit except in the place and jurisdiction of the courts of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Also you and the company are agreed, except what is mentioned from terms of any existing service on the site, that the applied terms are that only mentioned in the site or in the services related to the site, and that they are final and binding.



The company: is the owner company of 7every week project.