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The last modification was in 9th January 2009

Thanks for visiting 7everyweek site and also thanks for reviewing the privacy policy of 7everyweek site. In 7everyweek we respect your right in privacy, also we understand that 7everyweek visitors have the desire to control the usage of their personal data. Privacy policy here contains all the details and shows all the precautions taken by 7everyweek to protect the participant's privacy when they use 7everyweek sites. And this policy covers our processing and usage of the personal information that is collected through site/sites of 7everyweek.

Any change in this policy will be published in this page so that you will be always aware of the kind of data that we ask from you, how we use it and when we have the right to reveal it. You have to remake sure of this policy and the date of last modification, as it is subjected to modification from time to time, and your usage for the site is conditional to your approval to this policy.

By visiting this site, you give 7everyweek the permission to collect information about the pages that you browse. If you have registered to benefit from our services, then you give us and all our branches all over the world the permission to use your personal data to develop our services to achieve the goals which 7everyweek was founded for it.

7everyweek does not intend to collect any personal information about the children who are under the age of 13 (this age might change from one country to another according to the laws of each country). If you were under the age of 13 (or what is allowed in your country), then you can use our site only under the supervision of parents/conservator. 7everyweek respects the privacy of parents and sons and it is committed to all laws which protect children's privacy, so if one of the parents thought that one of his/her sons gave us his/her private information without permission from one of them, then he/she can contact us through email which is in contact us page, and 7everyweek will erase the participation of this person if it was confirmed to us that it belonged to someone who is under the age of 13. We aim to make this site a place which gathers all family members, as we enter the happiness to parents and grandparents when luck accompanies one of their sons and win thousands of dollars.

And since as a user to 7everyweek site/sites you get benefit through your visit to the site or your participation in our competitions and services, you have to write the personal legal complete data and which does not carry any confusion or error when revising it in case of your wining with one of our prizes.

When you decide to participate in entering the competitions, or when you desire to get benefit from some of our various services, it is needed to know some information related to you which are correct, complete and completely matching to what is in the official documents. As an example you have to write the name completely and matching to what is written in the identification card or passport (in the country which does not apply the system of identification card) and any mistake or insufficiency will not be accepted, and also writing the personal number correct ........... And the personal number is meant by it the number which is given by any country to specific person and is associated with that person for a lifetime and is not given to anyone else and writing residential address as recorded in the official documents. Meaning that you have to write all the information required from you (which is only related personally to you) in the registration form accurately so that you will deserve receiving your prizes on wining, so any mistake in the basic data will be considered fraud or illegal and any prize will not be delivered to you. And knowing that writing this information will be with your complete satisfaction. Any difference in the registered information by you or by the person who has written it for you in the registration form with the information existing in the official documents that you will give to us to receive your prizes will deprive you from receiving any prize, also this gives us the right and without giving reasons in stopping or erasing all your records in 7everyweek sites and in all of our branches all over the world if it was clear to us the existence of any fraud or illegal tries to impersonate imaginary personalities. It is important to know that 7everyweek is the only owner of the information which is collected from visitors and participants of 7everyweek site and this personal information are collected only when you give it voluntarily.

We might share other sides some impersonal information like number of visitors for a certain portion of the site, as an example the number of who watch a certain advertisement or the number of our male participants and like that from general information that does not describe a certain person. This information does not reveal your personality to the third side. When we need to get information from you, it will be asked from you to apply it to us by your satisfaction and voluntarily and this information will help us to contact you and deal with your requests as possible. This information can be also used for marketing purposes for our products or the products of our customers and this information is also used to guarantee the quality of our work. Also we send emails or mailings to our members to inform them about new services or promotional offers or to familiarize them with a product important to them.

You have to know that our site is connected to other sites on the internet; however 7everyweek does not take any responsibility towards processes of collecting data or privacy policy or contents of these other sites that are unreachable through site/sites of 7everyweek.

7everyweek has the right to investigate or to take suitable procedures as seen by 7everyweek against any person who violates polices of 7everyweek. From these procedures taken against that person his/her services might be stopped or erasing his/her membership or taking legal procedures against that person.

The server of the internet site registers some information automatically about visitors. This information //includes date and time of visit and the address of the internet protocol (IP) that you use and the country where you came from.

By using 7everyweek site this means that you accept the provisions that were mentioned in this privacy policy. And that we might change this policy from time to another. In case of making this kind of change the last modification date will be changed as well 7everyweek might show a notification in its private site so that the user will be aware of that change, the continuity of the usage of 7everyweek site by the user is based on the conditions mentioned in this privacy policy and whenever it is modified from time to time.

If the user decided to join 7everyweek, or expressed an interest to join it or decided to participate in the competitions. It is allowed for 7everyweek to inform the local offices of 7everyweek in the country of the user about his/her personal contact information, and then these offices can send to the user information about the activities done by the office or the activities of 7everyweek. The information that you register, you register it by your own will, and you can refuse to give away any personal information to any service of our services, in case of refusing to give away this kind of information 7everyweek will not be able to give her services to you.

All who deal with your personal private information from 7everyweek employers or contractors or customers need to know this personal information for the aim of activating 7everyweek services or developing it, all these people are committed to secrecy commitments and are subjected to discipline rules which include the termination of employment (firing from work) and filing a criminal lawsuit in case of not committing by this commitments.

It might be necessary to share personal information with other sides for the aim of investigation or to prevent or take precautions towards actions which are suspected in it or illegal- Comprehensive without restriction - fraud or cases threatening someone's life, breach of the user's agreement, or any cases which are required or permitted by the law.

If there are any inquires you can contact us through contact us page.