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Introduction.. The terms .. The method of calculating the points


Contest of the hero , is a new service we offer to our loved ones members of Project 7 every week , especially those interested in the sport . Where through this contest we will look to see your expectations in various types sports , كدوري the football and other sports. The greater the number of competitions, increased حظكم in winning .. But you will win many times . , And soon ستتوالى the competitions and even cover the most varied kinds of important matches . Even be Bdaatkm us true there are conditions that must be on everyone to follow so as not to block the award for the winner after his name appeared in the list of winners . It is these conditions that your data is registered with us always correct . And even recognize the conditions of registration and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy I بالتمعن advise on those pages do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry .. I also hope to follow any amendment or change and, finally, always make your correspondence with us through e-mail and an end so that we can follow up on any complaint sent to us by you .

Terms of the hero contest :

First, to be a member of Project 7 every week and incorrect statements by registration requirements .

Secondly , that all expectations are recorded before the beginning of history or league match and set out clear in the table .

Third, after the end of the contest (depending on the type of competition match one or more of the game ) there may be a number of those who expected and received the greatest balance of points number greater than the number of prizes , and you can see those names on page candidates to win . Here the administration makes the draw carried out by the computer automatically selects names candidate to win a number equal to the number of awards . After your name appears within the real winners , you sending an administration within a week of the emergence of the result in the winners page , that you have been selected among the winners in the competition .. And remember us the title contest, and remember your name, and your Alausernim , national ID , mobile phone , and the address of residence . If you got the message management during that period, a message is sent from management to ask some of the documents that confirm his statements .

Fourth, if the administration confirmed the authenticity of the subscriber data has been adopted winner , you can either be a data malfunction did not follow the terms .. Will be in front of his name among .. Blocked the award.

Way to gain points in the competition :

After recording the correct data as a permanent member in the draft 7 every week , you can enter all competitions , weekly or monthly or seasonal contest of the hero . The entry way of the hero contest according to the following steps :

The rider is full of expectations for the match or matches on the schedule is as shown here

First, you should expect to win at the end of the league, if your expectations intact, will be awarded 1,000 points at the end of the league added to the balance of points . If the competition is individual or weekly , you will not need to choose a champion of the league, and will not be awarded 1,000 points .. But سنكتفي of calculating points per game at a time .

Second, after choosing champions (if there periodically) Fill your expectations for the rest of the league matches . And until the image is clear and you multiply example . Suppose that a match between a team moon and the stars and the team you are a member of a joint us expected outcome of the game 3 of the moon and 2 stars. The points you will get not devoid of five possibilities:

The first possibility: The match ends zero .. Zero .. Here you will not get any point where the expectations error .

The second possibility: The match ends one goal of the moon to two of the stars .. Here the common will receive 25 points, only to expect health Stars team goals .

A third possibility : the game ended in victory Moon goals against a goal of the stars, here the joint will get only 50 points, so as to expect health Moon team win regardless of the number of goals .

The fourth possibility : the outcome of the match ended in victory Moon 3 goals against a goal of the stars, here the joint gets 50 points for the health predicted the victory of the moon plus the team 25 points to expect as a result of health goals of the moon .. Any common gets 75 points .

Probability V: ended the score identical to the result set by the joint is 3 goals of the moon to two of the stars, here is the balance of the common points 50 points to the health expect name the winning team plus 25 points for the health expected result team Moon plus 25 points for the health as a result expect team stars thus, the balance of points 100 points.

Important Note: If Union decided to change the result , we will rely result is supported by the Union .